Our new collaboration with Unoffensive Animal! Our For The Wild beanie will donate 50% of profits directly to support their work.

Unoffensive Animal is an anarchist collective serving as a media outlet for direct action related to animal liberation and earth liberation. They also take part in multiple campaigns that use direct action as the main tool to campaign.

For the wild is not just a saying, but a promise. For the wild represents the struggle towards a world free from cages, chains and hierarchies. An uncompromised statement that we will fight with whatever needs necessary to end the exploitation of animals, the bleeding of the earth and the slavery of humans under the current social system.

For the wild isn’t just a motto, but a declaration of intent; we will keep the struggle, we will keep the flame, until all are free.

Embroidered on soft style acrylic.

For The Wild - Unoffensive Animal

  • Unoffensive Animal are an anarchist collective taking part in and organising protests, demos, artivism, non-violent direct action and more.


    For The Wild 

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