unoffensive animal

We're so excited to share our latest collaboration with our friends at Unoffensive Animal!

Unoffensive Animal is a media collective that releases anonymous actions from the front lines of the animal liberation movement. They also work on prison support by raising awareness of political prisoners and encouraging to write letters and by sending money to both prisoners and activists in court when possible. They spend some of their time training other folks on direct action and radical animal liberation philosophy. 

For the Wild is the ultimate end goal. A future where the human being has rejected anthropocentrism and learnt to live with the earth and all the other inhabitants in a respectful manner. For the wild is a symbol of resistance against the mass production of consumerist choices, against the careless extraction of resources and against the domestication of animals for human enjoyment. For the Wild is the reason we fight. How we envision the future. How we see the world becoming a better place.

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